Shironuri Minori in Harajuku w/ Corset Top, Flowers, Lace & Tassel

We see Japanese shironuri artist Minori around the streets of Harajuku quite frequently, most often on weekends. Wherever Minori goes, she definitely turns heads. We’re always impressed with how willing she is to stop and talk to people and pose for pictures with anyone who asks! If you haven’t seen our video interview with Minori, please check it out!

When we met Minori this time, her look – put together from vintage, resale, handmade, and remake fashion – included a white lace corset top layered with pink sleeves and green shoulders, white lace trimmed bloomers, white tights, and white lace-up platform boots. Accessories featured a pretty lace and flower covered straw hat, a large tassel necklace (most commonly seen in Japanese dolly kei fashion), and a medallion belt.

Minori posts lots of pictures on her personal Facebook page. She can also be found on Tumblr, Twitter, and she has an official website.

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  1. Gosh, Minori’s looks keep getting better and better. Amazing and beautiful!

  2. Beautiful as always! Her style is so amazing! (*-*)

  3. Beautiful!~ It’s really inspiring to see someone embrace a style and make it unique to their own personality! I hope she keeps going ^^

  4. Scarlatine

    Minori’s as astonishing as always. She’s really very insipiring. Even if I’m not really into Shironuri make-up and that kind of vintage fashion, I think she’s a fashion icon to me. The way she puts all together and makes it stand right without ever being wrong, and the way she seems to have no limit; it is freakin amazing.

  5. Mia-Sehana

    Amazing! I love her style. Wish I could do that here in the USA. Does anyone know where you can buy the makeup to create the shironuri style?

  6. Minori is an artistic genius, and a fashion goddess.

  7. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    although if i was to go all out like that, then i might feel uncomfortable with all that makeup and white.

  8. I love Minori. I wana try Shironuri make up at least once.

  9. I would love to know if she uses Kabuki oshiroi, or another stage make up?