Shironuri Minori in Harajuku Wearing Yellow Dress w/ Flowers & Vines

Minori is a well-known member of Japan’s shironuri subculture who we see around Harjauku pretty regularly. She has an art show opening in Aoyama, just a few minutes walk from Harajuku, later this week – Find the details here.

When we met Minori in Harajuku this time, she was wearing a yellow chiffon dress that has been hand-customized by Minori with flowers and vines, along with a flower headpiece, fishnet stockings, and iridescent heels. As always, Minori’s hand-painted shironuri makeup is the highlight of her look.

For more information on Minori, her art, and her shironuri life, check her Official Website or find her on Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook. Also check out our video interview with Minori.

This photo is from a series of street snaps taken while a group of shironuri were hanging out in Harajuku before a photoshoot with Australian photographer Delly Carr. The photographer will be posting the studio photos eventually either on his Instagram or his Facebook!

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  1. She’s very beautiful and artistic, but the her in that location seems so out of place. Was she just on the way to the store to buy a cartoon of milk? And if anyone knows where to see a photo of her not in costume that would be wonderful.

  2. Shes like a walking master piece which should be put in an art museum. A Beautiful sight to look upon and be bewildered by. Please keep showing the world your art work, its wonderful!

  3. She’s stunning as always. Her outfit is so detailed, as well as her makeup, and the mix of white and gold makes the whole thing look very precious !