Shironuri Minori in Harajuku w/ Purple Palette Makeup & Fashion

Minori is a well-known Japanese shironuri artist. When Minori walks around Harajuku, many people approach her to talk to her and to take photos. This time, we spotted Minori drawing a crowd near the famous LaForet Department Store.

Minori’s look features a lot of purple (or burgundy) and, as always, is made up mostly of vintage, handmade, resale, and remake fashion. Her shironuri makeup, especially her eye makeup and eyelashes, was really beautiful.

Minori left Japan yesterday to go to France for Japan Expo. If you’re going to Japan Expo, please go and say hello to her. She’s very sweet! Also, check out Minori’s personal website and her Facebook page!

In addition to our photos of Minori, check out the video street snap below. If you subscribe to the TokyoFashion YouTube Channel, you will see many more video street snaps from Harajuku in the coming day!

Minori Video Street Snap

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  1. Csigalica

    Hmmm… Is her hair real or fake? I really like her style, it’s unique.

  2. I loved the idea of the video, you could do it more often! ! Minori always beautiful, and this delicate makeup <3

  3. Mika Rose

    She usually wears wigs.

    I just love this look so much with the white and lavender. And those shoes are so cute.

  4. chilakkuma

    I’m glad there’s decent photos of her outfit this time :)

  5. Diana-chan

    I wonder how she looks without all that make up and clothes :O
    I have to admit that first I didn’t like it but now.. OMG I love her! she’s really unique and lovely <3 I wish I could meet her, she's such an inspiration to me.