Short Hairstyle w/ Shojono Tomo Bag, Cutout Dress & Tokyo Bopper

Aya is a stylish 18 year old Bunka Fashion College student who we photographed on the street in Harajuku. She has tinted blond-gray hair with bangs and she’s wearing mostly black.

Her outfit consists of a Topshop lace dress with cutout shoulders and a wide skirt. Her colorful bag is from EnocDouter by Shojono Tomo, and her Topshop accessories include a heart pendant and printed tights. She is also wearing red socks and Tokyo Bopper platform shoes with ankle straps.

Aya told us that Topshop is her favorite store, and she also gave us her Twitter.

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  1. Gordon Tan

    The necklace adds the perfect touch to the whole look!

  2. Love her skirt! It’s perfectly full. And her tights are so cute