Short Hairstyles, Ear Earring, Resale Fashion & Tokyo Bopper

When we spotted Chieri and Kitamai in Harajuku, their short hairstyles and mostly-white outfits caught our eye.

Chieri (on the right) is 17 and she’s a student. She is donning asymmetric hair with mini bangs, and is wearing a white tunic over black leggings. She has a white canvas bag and matching sneakers. Find Chieri on Twitter as @eritakabayashi.

Her friend Kitamai is 19 and goes to Bunka Fashion College. She has blond, short hair and is wearing a white dress from OTOE, cleverly accessorized with suspenders. Her black pouch bag is from Kinsella and her tall platforms are from Tokyo Bopper. She accessorized with pieces from Wall Osaka (an H. P. France shop in Osaka): an ear shaped earring, cigarettes shaped pins, metallic rings and bracelets. She’s also wearing sheer tights with horizontal stripes on the lateral side, and striped socks. Find more about Kitamai on her Twitter, @lolipopkk.

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  1. That ear earring is just too amazing for anyone’s life