Short Red Bangs, Kiss T-Shirt & Creepers Girl in Harajuku

This is Minami, a 20-year-old Japanese college student we met in Harajuku. Her red short-bangs hairstyle (a la Bettie Page) gives her an edgy look that caught our eye right away.

Minami’s outfit – which features several resale items – includes a long-but-light tartan coat (with various vintage patches) over a Kiss band t-shirt, high-waisted denim shorts, striped over-the-knee socks with a Japanese flag at the top of each, and shiny red creepers from RNA. Her bag is the famous cherries page from Nadia. Minami told us that her favorite shops/brands are Nadia, RNA, and Candy Stripper.

[Quick observation about extremely specific trends: one of the patches on Minami’s coat says “Halloween 1984”. We’re seeing a lot of vintage pins/buttons lately on the streets of Tokyo. For some reason, buttons/pins related to horror seem especially popular right now. Not sure why.]

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. She’s great! I love her hair. Yea..I’ve noticed the pin/button thing too! LOTS of people are wearing vintage buttons like crazy, and attaching them in the most interesting places. (for example a plain skirt might have a large button to the side)..But I didn’t make the connection with horror, but I could see that!

  2. I think I have seen her before :/
    hmmm….love her xD
    I like her hair specially.
    Just the shirt, the shorts and the belt are a cool outfit n_n

  3. Starshine

    I’m not the biggest fan of her shoes, nor her eyebrows..
    Rest is pure awesome :D

  4. I totally love this. I really want some creepers but being veggie I only wear second hand/vintage leather so as of yet I’ve not been able to get any… Not sure if fake leather ones exist. There are so many pretty ones out there white and black is my fave with some cute pattern or ribbons for laces.

  5. perfectly studied and so cutely worn even though the style is mostly punk-ish; she’s perfect!.. A little punky doll! maybe i would have added her a single cherry earring, i made some for my shop and for me as well (i was so inspired by Nadia’s ones) and they became my favorites ever since!

  6. She’s sooo cute! And the outfit is great! I love the socks and the long coat! is perfect!! :)