Shoshipoyo w/ WIA Top, MYOB Earrings, YRU & Jeremy Scott in Harajuku

Shoshipoyo is a 19-year-old Japanese fashion student who within the last year has become one of the new street style icons of Harajuku. We see him around Harajuku several times a week, and he’s always hard to miss.

In addition to his striking pink hair, Shoshipoyo is wearing an oversized W.I.A Collections top (featuring the message “Nobody Is Innocent”) with Avantgarde Harajuku flame tights and white YRU platforms. Accessories include a walrus cap and bone choker from OS Accessories, a Nike headband, MYOB NYC mirrored target earrings, nose and labret piercings, Adidas and Nike wristbands, several armor rings, and a graphic Jeremy Scott x Longchamp bag.

Shoshi’s favorite shop is Dog Harajuku and his favorite musical artist is Brooke Candy. For more info, follow him on Instagram or Twitter.

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