Silver Gap Boots & Buzz Lightyear Purse

Sakumaro, an 18-year-old high school student, has put together a trendy outfit that includes a retro track jacket from Hanjiro. She’s also wearing ruffled denim shorts, yellow tights and quilted silver lame boots from Gap.

Sakumaro’s accessories from Wego and G2? include sunglasses with lime green frames, a black-and-white necklace with a Ninja pendant and two strands of white beads. Her purse is a rocket-shaped Buzz Lightyear popcorn container from Tokyo Disneyland.

She told us she has several favorite musical acts, including Perfume, Ogre You Asshole, Yura Yura Teikoku and MowMow LuLu Gyaban.
Hanjiro track jacket & yellow tights

Lime green sunglasses & track jacket

Green sunglasses & Ninja necklace

Buzz Lightyear purse

Silver lame Gap boots

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  1. Awesome outfit, great taste in music too! Ogre You Asshole are AMAZING.

  2. The best part of her outfit is HANDS DOWN the Buzz lightyear popcorn holder turned into purse :)

  3. Love the purse! would like to know where to find one. :)