Silver Hair, Sheer Skirt & Heel-less Wedges in Harajuku

Here’s a stylish girl whose silver hair with pink and blue streaks instantly caught our eye on the street in Harajuku.

In addition to the beautiful hairstyle, her look features a dyed open-shoulder top from Fig & Viper with a flower-print sheer skirt and striking heel-less wedges. Accessories include a gold choker with a sun charm and a patterned black leather shoulder bag.

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  1. Dreaded_Queen

    Love the skirt and silver hair. I think I would love it with no streaks too

  2. i love how she’s modeling for the camera! thank god! someone working the camera for a change XD

  3. Woooaahh amazing! I love her gyarustyle and her hair! Does anyone know which brand is that shirt? Thank you!!

  4. magickalfrog

    Wow. That’s a pretty cool outfit. She reminds me of a fortune teller for some reason.

  5. Victoria Moore

    Her color combination, on her wardrobe, is absolutely stunning and so is she.

  6. tokyo

    @Geek Ballerina – Thanks, added the Fig & Viper info to the original post. :-)

  7. She’s sooo pretty! *-* I totally love her hair and her skirt >///<

  8. Does anyone know where those boots are from? Or her skirt?

  9. Wow! It’s incredible how her outfit is built around her silver hair. Absolutely love it! *.*

  10. Beautiful. She looks like something out of a book or movie. The see through skirt is sexy too.