This cute Japanese couple was photographed on Cat Street in Harajuku. The girl had such a great smile! Both were wearing hats, and their style had kind of a vintage Americana vibe. The girl’s shopping bag was from Lyla Shibuya, the womenswear store produced by NEPENTHES – the brand behind Engineered Garments. You can see some of that feeling in the outfits these two are wearing. The guy is wearing a lot of interesting silver jewelry, including the big chain necklace, a bent fork bracelet, several rings (including a silver skull), and a keyring earring – with real keys attached. We didn’t have time to get all the usual brand/music info this time, sorry!

Hats in Harajuku

Cute Harajuku Guy & Girl Fashion

Bent Fork Bracelet & Silver Skull Ring

Pounded Silver Ring in Harajuku

Keys Earring in Tokyo

Japanese Girl With Cute Smile & Hat

His & Hers Shoes in Harajuku

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