Silver Suit Harajuku Street Style w/ Dog Harajuku, Gen Izawa, John Lawrence Sullivan & Handsman

We spotted Masamune, whose dapper street fashion caught our eye while wandering down the streets of Harajuku.

The 20-year-old hair stylist was clad in a silver suit from Dog Harajuku, which consisted of a long jacket with wide lapels and matching wide-leg pants with the cuffs rolled up. He wore them with a Gen Izawa black button-down top over a maroon zip-up turtleneck. Masamune styled them with John Lawrence Sullivan black leather shoes, silver chains attached to his black leather belt, and a black hand-me-down bag. He completed his look with purple hair, multiple ear piercings, a nose ring, and layered necklaces. His accessories are from Handsman.

Masamune’s favorite fashion brand is John Lawrence Sullivan, and he enjoys listening to music from Killa. For more on Masamune, follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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