Skull Nails & Short Shorts in Harajuku

This friendly and cute Japanese girl was photographed in Harajuku. She is wearing a scarf covered in skulls by the Shibuya 109 brand EMSEXCITE, a black fuzzy hat, a black top with gold print, blue short shorts, black over-the-knee socks, and black boots. She also has her nails painted possibly in a pirate theme with the words “Jolly Rodger” and a heart and skull.

Cute Short Shorts Girl in Harajuku

Cute Skull Scarf

Pirate Nail Art in Tokyo

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  1. wow. those are some hot nails.
    makes me wanna go get mine done. ^-^

  2. aihvhieeh

    i saw a scarf like that at the mall.. cool nails..

  3. MissKelevra

    OMG I love the nails. Where can you get those??

  4. Hoho not only did she have nice clothes the girl herself is a hottie

  5. Aaah i love her beanie-hat-thing and the boots with the leggings! cute little pose aswell^^

  6. cool nails…
    blue shorts and scarf are gorgeous