Tokyo street fashion photo taken near Harajuku in the summer of 2009.

This ridiculously cool blonde Japanese guy was chilling out listening to some music and smoking when we spotted him. We felt guilty interrupting his lunch (sorry!), but he was too awesome to let escape. He’s wearing a hooded zip up Dresscamp jacket, cropped denim pants, a studded belt, multiple studded bracelets, several silver rings, and big black leather boots with gray socks. It’s a little hard to see behind his stylish blonde hair, but he’s also got a pierced lip and pierced eyebrow.

Japanese Dresscamp Jacket

You can click the photo to see it in higher quality.


  1. Love this jacket!!! please, i want know where i can buy this, PLEASE!!

  2. tokyo

    Check their website – but, their stuff sells out quickly. If it is sold out on the Dress Camp website, maybe the best bet is Rakuten or Yahoo Japan auctions. Good luck!

  3. He really looks cool, nice hair and I just love liprings <3<3

  4. Monica Quentine

    he’s cute and hot xDD
    i love his style. cool~

  5. Looks good, but I was sad when I watch it.
    I think…white element missing in his combination.

  6. Amélie

    I looove his style ! <3 Especially his hair, his piercing and his jacket !