Street fashion photo taken in Harajuku in the summer of 2009.

This ridiculously cool blonde Japanese guy was sitting on the railing that runs along Cat Street in Harajuku when we asked him if we could take his picture. He kept right on smoking and staring into the distance as we snapped away. His fashion is simple but effective – belted and cuffed baggy blue jeans, a blue pattern shirt, and black boots. He’s also wearing a bracelet, watch, two rings, and an earring, as well as carrying a silver and black shoulder bag and black eco bag. It’s hard to tell in this photo, but he also has an earbud headphone in his left ear.

Smoking Japanese Guy

Click the photo to see a bigger version.


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  2. I love his jeans they remind me of the jeans greasers would wear in the 50’s but with a modern touch

  3. the outfit would look way better with black on white chucks or maroon on white chucks. it would make his cool look come out with a bang. unlike with the shoes he has on now. with the shoes he has on now it’s like “look at me, i’m cool” then looks at the shoes “cool and AKWARD…..” lol. other than that it’s nice.

  4. kornelova

    Killing dreskod.
    Nothing to add, and nothing superfluous. Even the two bags do not seem to have more. If I had met on the street I’d fall in love at first sight with him. lol