This stylish Japanese girl was photographed at the end of Cat Street in Shibuya. She’s wearing a black button-up dress with a standing white collar, black stockings, and ankle-high snakeskin boots. She’s also wearing a hat that looks like it might be made of some sort of woven straw, and carrying a black shoulder bag with a chain strap. She has multiple ear piercings.

Ankle Length Snakeskin Boots

Cool Japanese Girl Fashion

You can click the top photo to see a larger version.


  1. What makes you stop people to take their pictures????

  2. tokyo

    Our goal is to share the fashion that real people in Tokyo are wearing with interested people who can’t be in Tokyo to see it for themselves. It’s quite common in certain areas of Tokyo for fashionable people to be stopped on the street and asked if they are willing to be photographed. The photographers are usually trying to document street fashion for magazines, websites, books, or other media. In the case of this site, there are several different photographer who contribute street fashion photos.