SPANK!, Batman & WC by Chinatsu Wakatsuki

This is Nemoto, a 19-year-old specialty/trade school student who we met in Harajuku. She’s a fan of the designer WC by Chinatsu Wakatsuki, which is the brand of her black mini skirt. She’s also wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt from Panama Boy and a Lee jean jacket from Kilostore. Her black platform creeper-style shoes, worn with white tights and fuzzy socks, are from Body Line.

Nemoto’s accessories consist of buttons with retro images (including Batman), a Spank! button and two rings from WC by Chinatsu Wakatsuki. She’s wearing a fur neckpiece and a red knit bow in her hair. The bear that’s hanging from her backpack was handmade by a friend.

We asked Nemoto about her favorite fashion shops and brands and she told us she likes to resale shops, WC by Chinatsu Wakatsuki, Panama Boy and Nadia. She likes the music of AKB48.

Mini skirt & denim jacket in Harajuku

Fur collar & distressed denim

Red knit bow & fur neckpiece

Vintage & Spanks! buttons

Silver rings

Body Line shoes

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  1. Very cute. I love the batman button the most out of her accessories.

  2. What is that panda she has dangling by her leg? I WANT IT! Where can I get one?

  3. adorable! love the little skirt and the white socks with those
    shoes are so cute