Spank! Fan’s Polka Dot Top, Pink Studded Skirt & Ruffle Socks in Harajuku

Here’s a 21-year-old Japanese girl named Chun who we met in Harajuku. Chun told us that she’s a designer.

Chun’s outfit is based around a polka dot top from Anap and a pink studded skirt – with a blue belt tied into a bow – that she bought resale. Her cute denim sneakers – worn with lace ruffle socks – were also purchased at a Tokyo resale shop. Accessories include a hairband in her braided hair, a heart necklace, a star earring, matching bow rings (looks like Hello Kitty), a heart shaped “Hi Barbie!” button featuring Ken doll, and a bag from Koenji’s famous Spank! boutique. As with the rest of her outfit, Chun told us that she purchased most of her accessories resale.

When we asked Chun about her favorite shop, she said that she really likes Spank!

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. gosh, I love that pink bag of hers… love it… and her pink skirt, anything pink hahahahaha!!!!!! and she looks really cuteeeeeeeee with a very nice set of eyes !
    Tell her she’s beautiful tokyo fashion!

  2. Cute style on an even Cuter Girl, at least. A 100 Guys will be Heartbroken that they are not her boyfriend.

  3. YOUNG_ROB101

    great outfit the skirt and the bag are my favorite parts of it.. hey guys can you please go folllow me @young_rob101 on twitter please it’ll be awesome to talk fashion with you guys