Spiked Face Mask, Mohawk, Tartan & Sex Pistols Bag in Harajuku

These two friendly Harajuku kids are Tom & Aimi. When we met them, they were hanging out with Junnyan (the organizer of Harajuku Fashion Walk) on the street in Harajuku.

Tom is wearing a sailor-collar jacket with a tartan skirt and Converse sneakers. Accessories include a spike face mask, beret, spike bow tie, MCM bag with Trolls attached, and a Sex Pistols canvas bag with a panda, and even more spikes. You can find out more about Tom on Twitter or Instagram.

Aimi is wearing a military style light jacket with plaid shorts, ruffle-top socks, and platforms. Accessories include a spike collar, a panda bag, and a large North Face backpack decorated with various buttons. Her gauged ears and Mohawk hairstyle also add to the punkiness fo the look. Find Aimi on Twitter here.

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