Spinns Harajuku Girl w/ Scarf Hair Bow & Bunny Purse

This cute girl with a blonde bob haircut and a large scarf hair bow is Seto, who’s 18 years old and a member of the Spinns Harajuku staff. Her white and blue outfit is put together from used clothing stores, including a long lacy sweater from Buzz and light blue print pants from Kaite. She’s wearing a blue fringed scarf around her neck and carrying a straw purse decorated with a fuzzy bunny.

Seto is wearing light blue socks with white lace-up leather clogs. Her accessories include a blue bow on the front of her sweater and a large button with the motto “When all else fails hug your teddy!”

Spinns Harajuku Staffer with Buzz Sweater & Bunny Purse

Blue fringed scarf & hair bow

Print scarf hair bow

Basket purse with fuzzy bunny

Large teddy bear pin

Blue socks & leather clogs with laces

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  1. Too cute! She looks like a Japanese Alice in Wonderland.