Spinns Staffer in Beret & Shimamura Blazer

Kossy, who’s 19-years-old, is another Spinns shop staffer who has her own sense of style. Her classic look consists of a diamond-patterned sweater worn under a crested blue blazer from Shimamura. Her khaki pants from a resale shop feature a rolled cuff. She’s also wearing a brown beret and leather oxford shoes from Spinns Harajuku.

Kossy told us her favorite fashion venues Lowrys Farm and Spinns Harajuku. Her favorite music is by Music Meg, flumpool, Perfume, Bump of Chicken. She invites you to visit her Japanese website to learn more about her.
Beret & Shimamura Blazer

Blazer with crest & diamond-pattern sweater

Oxford shoes from Spinns Harajuku

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  1. woa, she’s cute in those clothes, I wanna wear them :o

  2. WOW. i realy love asia and these are great shoots. sweet and!! :)

    if u love fashion go to see my blog, Hope you will be interested of many article and my personal style photos :)

  3. xDDD The guy in the BG was the first thing I noticed, he’s HOOOT xDD

    Love her sweater and the blouse below! *wanna has iiit D;*