Spinns Staffer with Spinergy Cycle

Paul is a staffer from Spinns Harajuku. He’s wearing an outfit that’s mostly from Spinns, including a red fur-trimmed parka, grey sweatpants and red Nike sneakers. His accessories include a fur hat and utilitarian bike lock around his neck.

Paul’s silver backpack is from Monomania and his purple bike is from Spinergy. He invites you to check out his website.

When we asked Paul about his favorite shops he said Spinns (of course!) and Monomania.
Spinns Staffer with Spinergy Cycle

Fur-trimmed parka & fur hat

Monomania silver backpack

Fur hat

Nike sneakers

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  1. Spinergy is actually the name of the front wheel maker. Not the bike.

  2. Thanks for the info on the bike vs. wheel. Noted! :-)