BonBon Stadium Jacket, Cable Knit & Baby Face Backpack in Harajuku

Mim is a 19-year-old Zipper Magazine model. We met her in Harajuku and she was nice enough to stop for a few snaps.

Mim is wearing an E Hyphen World Gallery BonBon stadium jacket over a white cable knit sweater, Spinns denim shorts and Vans sneakers. She carries a WEGO heart print tote and a cute baby face backpack. Her earrings are Vivienne Westwood and her daisy necklace is Swimmer. We also noticed her studded beret and suspenders.

Mim told us she likes to shop at Jouetie, Bon Bon and WEGO, and that she’s a fan of the J-Pop artist Gero. She also shared her Twitter if you’d like more information.

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  1. Any idea where that tight fit cable knit sweater is from? It’s real cute.