Stone Washed Denim & Reversed Knit Sweater

When we photographed this cool long-haired guy in Harajuku he didn’t tell us where he bought his clothes, but we like the look enough to share it. We think his cuffed stone washed jeans and sweater may have come from resale shops. He’s added some visual interest to his knit intarsia sweater by wearing it inside out. Accessories include a silver ring and bracelet and trendy sunglasses. He’s carrying a plastic shopping bag that’s covered with some nice graphics. His shoes are black high top sneakers.
Long-haired guy in cuffed stone washed jeans

Inside-out intarsia knit sweater

Harajuku shopping bag

Silve ring & bracelet

Black high top sneakers

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  1. He has nice hands :) Plus I like his ring. What a cool looking guy!

  2. Koko Yoki

    not to be XXX but I would so TAP THAT… :D his style is pretty sweet..

  3. OMG! This style is sooo out of order & one of the coolest I´ve seen! I applued this cos you need a lot of courage to wear this & do it good.. & I think he does! ^-^ Wohoo!

  4. he has got to get new pair of shoes…but he’s lookin cool…

  5. Amazing. The inside-out sweater goes with the whole worn out look. I love it. I think the shoes may be really really old PF flyers. It is so hard to find sneakers from the 1950s or earlier. I wonder who’s designers are on the tote? I’d like to see more of this guy for sure.

  6. Muanpuii he doesn’t need new shoes thats the beauti of then I LOVE those shoes