Straw Hat, Tulip Dress & YSL Sneakers in Harajuku

This cute Japanese guy and girl were photographed on Omotesando Street between Harajuku Station and LaForet. They were really funny to talk to! The guy is wearing a Fred Perry sweater with a pink shirt and bow tie, denim shorts, and YSL (Yves saint Laurent) sneakers. His accessories include glasses and a black backpack. The girl with him is wearing a very colorful (nice for spring) tulip print dress, white stockings, black velvet wedges, and a straw boater hat (major trend in Tokyo this spring). Her accessories include a necklace, large tassel earring, and she’s carrying a denim jacket.

Cute Harajuku Girl and Guy

Harajuku Guy in Bow Tie

Harajuku Girl in Straw Hat

Velvet Wedges in Tokyo

YSL Sneakers in Harajuku

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  1. I love this both of their outfits are nice but I can’t tell if it’s the way the picture is taken or if his leg hair is just not evenly laid out on both legs like on leg has way more hair than the other but either way the outfits are nice and I love their hair color

  2. I dislike the sneakers/shorts/bow tie combination.. it’s strange. Is that a Fred Perry cardigan he’s wearing?

  3. kendrixb5440

    i want a bowtie. love their outfits. and his glasses