Strawberry Print Angelic Pretty Lolita Dress w/ Parasol, Basket Bag & Spank! Accessories

This is Emo, a 19-year-old girl we spotted on the street in Harajuku. She has long, blond hair and is wearing cute lolita fashion.

Her strawberry print dress is from the Japanese lolita fashion brand Angelic Pretty, worn with Angelic Pretty pink cross-strap shoes. Emo is carrying a pink parasol and Swimmer basket bag. Some of her accessories – which include flower pins in her hair, lace gloves, and ruffle socks – are from Spank!, one of her favorite shops along with Angelic Pretty.

Emois a fan of R-Shitei and she’s active on Twitter.

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  1. Emmy-nyan

    I liiiiiiiiiiiiiive for girls like this. She is absolutely beautiful.