Street Fashion in Tokyo w/ Pink Curls, Heiligtum Strap Robe, Graphite Shirt, Ripped Fishnets, Killers Accessories & Shibuya 109 Platforms

Here’s Lina, a 22-year-old English teacher whose striking blue streetwear style easily caught our eye on the Harajuku street.

Sporting pink curls with pink-and-black makeup, Lina is dressed in a black-and-white long-sleeve printed shirt from Graphite, which she styled with a long blue Heiligtum robe dress with multiple blue and white straps at the front and back. A short black skirt, black ripped fishnet tights, white fishnet socks, and a pair of black platform strap shoes from Shibuya 109 rounded out her style. Her accessories – mostly from Killers – include a black leather o-ring choker, a gold chain necklace, and white leather belted cuff bracelets with silver chains.

Lina’s favorite brand is Heiligtum, she loves to browse thru resale shops, and she likes listening 80’s rock music and Oasis. Lina is active on Instagram.

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