Street Style in Harajuku w/ D.TT.K, Alltimers, John’s By Johnny, Nike & Honda

While out for an evening stroll along the streets of Harajuku, we met Ayumu, who works at the hair and beauty boutique salon, The Oversea in Tokyo.

Ayumu is clad in a white and faux fur combination jacket from D.TT.K, which he wore over a black Alltimers t-shirt, and white Nike track pants. He tucked his pants into black socks and a pair of black high-top riding shoes from Honda. He donned a blue headpiece underneath a black corduroy newsboy cap, and he is carrying a black John’s by Johnny backpack with a yellow Friday the 13 Jason mask attached to it.

Russian streetwear brand, Gosha Rubchinskiy, is Ayumu’s favorite fashion brand and he is active on Instagram.

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