Harajuku Streetwear Styles w/ Dog Harajuku, Comme des Garcons, Fresh Anti Youth, Last Virgin & New York Joe

Beni and Raw are two students who often feature in our Harajuku snaps. Both of them are well known personalities in the Tokyo street fashion scene. We posted interviews with each of them on YouTube recently: Beni Harajuku Interview and Raw Harajuku Interview

Sporting blonde spiky hair, Raw – who attends Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo – is dressed in a black remake coat with a red shirt artfully sewn in on one side, which he wore over a black turtleneck top and blazer from Comme des Garcons, and green track pants with ruched cuffs from Fresh Anti Youth. The 19-year-old finished off his stylish outfit with black socks, brown suede loafers, multiple ear studs, and multiple skull and spider knuckle rings from Tokyo Human Experiments. Raw’s fashion boutique is Dog Harajuku, and he likes the music of Deformed Nippon. Follow Raw on Twitter and Instagram.

Clad in red and black, Japanese high school student Beni’s style consists of layered resale tops of a striped red-and-black sweater over a see-through black top, and a mesh knit sweater top from Last Virgin. She styled her layered tops with a black pleated skirt panels over black zipper pants from Dog Harajuku, donned vintage platform creepers, and she is carrying a black motorcycle jacket. The 17-year-old accessorized with a black grommet belt, and spiked cuff bracelets from New York Joe. Beni is also active on Instagram.

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