Harajuku Guys Streetwear Styles w/ Kawi Jamele, Tripp NYC, Vintage Looney Toons, Oh Pearl, Kangol & Ambush

While out on the Harajuku neighborhood one early evening, we came upon Taso and Zaki, two teens whose eye-catching streetwear styles definitely caught our attention.

At the left is Taso, a 19-year-old beauty school student sporting an ombre teal hairstyle. Taso is clad in a vintage purple blazer, worn over a white kanji print WEGO t-shirt, and a vintage Looney Toons character print vest. He finished off his ensemble with vintage purple rolled up pants, white ribbed socks with flame embroidery, and a pair of black patent leather lace-up shoes with red soles from Zara. Accessories – mostly from Forever21 – include white-rimmed sunglasses, spider earrings, a silver o-ring chain belt, and a silver chain hanging from his blazer lapel. Taso’s favorite fashion brand is Kawi Jamele, and he likes to listen to the music of Miriya Kato. Follow Taso on Instagram.

Meanwhile, 18-year-old Zaki is wearing a white Hamburger statement sweatshirt from Kawi Jamele, with scrunched up sleeves and paired with a black fishnet top. He styled his layered tops with black Tripp NYC denim pants with contrast red stitching, side pockets and red grommeted straps. Metallic gold sneakers with ribbed soles from H&M, a snakeskin hat from Kangol over his purple hair, silver hoop earrings, an Ambush lighter holder ball chain necklace, a black grommet belt with studs, and a clear Oh Pearl Angel belt pouch are the finishing touches to his ensemble. Zaki also loves shopping for Kawi Jamele, and he likes the music of Mejibray. Follow him on Instagram also.

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