Stretched Ear Piercings & Hayatochiri Shredded Top

Here are two cool guys we snapped in Harajuku. The guy on the right with a stretched piercing in his earlobe and a combination of shaved and long hair is Mare, an 18-year-old specialty school student. He told us his long shredded shirt is from Hayatochiri and his drop crotch pants are from Nemeth. His box-toe patent leather shoes with spikes are from The Old Curiosity Shop.

Mare’s accessories include a silver hoop earring, a lip spike, an ear stud, a spiked wristband and a black chain necklace. He has a Star of David tattoo on his forearm.

The guy on the left is Onimo, an 18-year-old beauty school student. He’s wearing a sleeveless graphic tank top from Sanatorium over a graphic t-shirt with layered skinny jeans and shorts from Uniqlo. His sneakers are from Nike and his bandanna is from Hiro. Other accessories include a black cap and handcuffs necklace.

We asked Mare about his favorite fashion sources and he told us he likes Favorite Dog, Candy and Honey’s Dead. Onimosaid he like’s Honey’s Dead. He also told us he likes the music of Tokyo Incidents.

You can follow both Mare and Onimo on Twitter.

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