Studded Jacket, Kreepsville 666 Skirt & Punk Platform Boots in Harajuku

Here’s a stylish and friendly 17-year-old Japanese girl with bright red hair who we are always happy to see in Harajuku – it’s Lisa! Lisa is a high school student, a guitar player, and an active user of both Twitter & Tumblr (where she posts in English as well as Japanese).

Lisa is wearing a studded leather motorcycle jacket from One Spo over a Marilyn Manson concert t-shirt, a black & green “Dead Girl” tulle skirt from Kreepsville 666, over-the-knee skeleton socks, and tall platform boots (with spikes and studs) that she bought on the internet. Accessories – which came from Kreepsville 666, Murderdolls & Crazy Pig – include black hair bows, a bullet belt, a razor blade necklace, a skeleton necklace, a studded bracelet, lace gloves, an eyeball ring, a skull ring, and a skeleton ring, and a black leather studded purse.

Lisa’s favorite fashion shops & brands include LEMONed, Kreepsville 666, and Lucky13. Some of her favorite bands are Murderdolls, Hide, Marilyn Manson, Wednesday 13, and Slipknot. If you’d like to know more about Lisa, check her out on Twitter & Tumblr.

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  1. An absolutely gorgeous young lady in a killer outfit!

  2. Really like the way the whole outfit was pulled together. From head to toe It’s fun. :)

  3. i love her outfit.. it’s totally cool.. and i also love how she mix the green, black and pink color… <3

  4. I said it before, I love this lady’s attitude, she not afraid to wear something skeleton in nature, impressive being she is missing her right forearm..!

  5. Wahh Lisa is so cute :) I love seeing her tumblr posts! it’s always good to know that younger people are still getting into bands I listen to now, and also when I was a lot younger! :)

  6. Her hairstyle is so cute I wish i could do that.

  7. errrrrrr… i want her boots and her accessories hmm……*Q* i wonder where can u buy it X3

  8. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Love the rings, and the bracelet. The new Marilyn Manson shirt with the jacket really looks cuuuute with the frilly skirt!!!!!!!