Students’ Look-Alike Overalls, Toggle Coats & Cowl Scarves

Here are two cute girls named Natsumi and Rika who are dressed almost identically. Both are 18-year-old students and they’re both wearing denim overalls (Natsumi, who is on the left, got hers from Kinji). Natsumi is wearing a tan toggle coat from Crisp with a bulky red cowl scarf. Her friend Rika is wearing a red toggle coat from Mysty Woman with a tan cowl scarf.

Natsumi is wearing white platform shoes with black trim while Rika is wearing black sneakers that she bought in Shimokitazawa. Both girls are wearing berets and have matching satchel backpacks that they bought in Kobe.

We asked the girls about their favorite sources for fashion. Natsumi said she likes Castane and Mystic and Rika said she likes Child Woman. When we asked about their favorite music, they both said they like Yuki. Rika also said she likes One OK Rock.

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  1. Dreaded Queen

    They look so comfy. I love the red coat!!

  2. Naruto Uzumaki

    I could just see Naruto walking up to Sakura Chan and asking her if she wore underwear underneath her Ovies. This would of course end in her walloping the hell out of him!!

    I for the record do indeed wear nothing but, overalls myself!!