Stylish Blonde Japanese Guy w/ Shaggy Hairstyle

This super-stylish 19-year-old Japanese guy was photographed in Harajuku. He works at the popular Harajuku resale clothing shop Kinji. He’s one of those guys that you see on the streets occasionally if you spend a lot of time in Harajuku – and he’s always dressed to kill. The best thing about his current look is the shaggy blonde over-the-eyes hairstyle. If they ever do a Japanese live-action version of Scooby Doo, this guy could play Shaggy!

Besides the fantastic hair, he’s wearing an extremely tight cropped leather jacket, a black scarf that covers the lower part of his face (which magnifies the coolness of the fact that his hair completely covers his eyes), a chain necklace adorned with large black square charms from Avan Trance, a shiny black top (and maybe a few other layers of black tops), torn and studded black jeans which he said were “handmade”, and black boots with holes in them that have been mended with rough stitching. His bag choice is a nice looking black leather backpack from Material Boy, and it’s hanging really low.

He said that his favorite fashion brands are Avan Trance and Lina Osterman, and that his favorite type of music is anisong (animation songs / music from anime). Overall, we think his look is one of the coolest male looks that we’ve posted so far in 2010.

Avan Trance Fashion in Harajuku

Japanese Guy With Blonde Shaggy Hair

Cool Black Leather Backpack

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  1. Limbu_chic

    i like everything about this guy but i think the hairstyle is bit too much.

  2. Isn’t it cold in japan this few months ago? gosh japanese don’t feel cold!!!

  3. tokyo

    This winter has been amazingly not-cold. I mean, it’s not hot for sure, but it’s not as cold as previous winters!

  4. Awesome style! Love his handmade torn jeans but how does he even walk or see with hair covering his eyes like that. o_O

  5. Wow!!!! I love everything about him! I’ve seen him at Kinji. (笑)

  6. I can understand how people think this is cool but personally.. I think it’s nasty. He definitely needs a haircut & a new pair of jeans!

  7. Love the outfit.
    The hair could use some styling or, a cut, or something but, It seems that’s just his ‘thing’. Oh well. =P

  8. actually they did a live action scooby doo one with Mathew Lillard as shaggy and another one by cartoon network. Maybe if they do a Japanese version they can ask him lol. The cool Shaggy =). I love his DIY jeans and his whole outfit!

  9. Haha, this guy is adorable. :D I wonder how he knows where he’s going.

  10. OMG! Gorgeous! I love his style [I wish to see his eyes ^^”]. Anyway lucky you to catch such rare fish! ^^

  11. I like everything about his outfit! The backpack and scarf are so cool *-*
    And I love his hair as well, and as for the face he looks pretty cute in the second picture. His mouth and nose seem pretty :)
    Seriously I can’t get enough of this look, I think it’s the best I’ve seen so far (not only on this site but at all <3)!

  12. fubarpilot

    as somebody who is blonde… (more dark-blonde/streetdog-blonde) i gotta say: dis are light-brown hairs.

    and: this is obviously a girl. no guy with balls would have such a girlish leg-position.
    And: this is a girls jacket.

    So this person could be male AND gay… OR female.

    the style is not bad… but there could be better stuff. and the hair looks unreal. Bleach it and colour it green or blue. Also wear a leather-COAT not a fakkin girly-jacket.
    And also wear some biker-gloves (without fingers! and without any kind of spikes/studs) also wear Doc Martens, Rangers or Undercover-Boots. The European ones. (Nobody knows but they also look good to a businessman’s suit.)

    Oh and before I forget: Let your hair grow, get dreadlocks and smoke a joint with good weed one weekend every month.

    Greetins from Frankonia. Central-Fakkin-Europe.

    Pardy on! Peace!

  13. funsho akerele-ale

    hmmmm . I like …. no I love the look . But I feel as though . It is not practical . Nor is it new . It is grundge and 80s rock infused . this idea is cool . But not strong enough to hold its own . But that is just what is in my little head . peace and love to every one else who loves it. :)

  14. To dear fubarpilot
    there is nothing like guy or girl clothes in fashion!!! hellooooo I mean you can wear anything that you like if it suits you…..
    and in the pic this is a guy not a girl…

    I love his style)) reminds me something from death note hhh….but cool I like it))) good job for the ultra ordinary look;)

  15. Yo, fubarpilot.
    Are you like, king of fashion or something?
    Didn’t think so.

  16. ZetsubouMisheru

    @fubarpilot. What girl has that hairy legs? xD

  17. Why is he hiding his face ?? I think he’s not asiatic… what do you think about it ?

  18. I love his look! Cool boy! I would wear all of these clothes myself! Except one thing…no such trousers. February in Japan is bloody cold…I need full cover for my legs :). I love his hair cut! I had similar some time ago.

  19. If I was a boy… this is what I will strive to look like.. or at least adopt his style. I love the look – everything about it.

  20. if ever i met someone like this in my city, or in my country at least, i’d run after him right away and ask for some photos. man this guy is freakin cool!

  21. He’s perfect in every way… from hair to scruffy shoes. Keep your hair like this.

  22. I can’t find “material boy” website anywhere. I still want that bag after 4 years. Do you know where to find it?

  23. tokyo

    @Nanakko – Not 100% sure that it’s the same “Material Boy”, but it appears there was an Australian brand with that name that was in with KTZ (which is big in Japan). Check out these articles:
    You might try searching for the designer “Mic Eaton” and see if that helps. This seems to be a brand that came and went in Harajuku and I can’t remember any recent mentions. Good luck!