Stylish Girl’s Wide-Brimmed Hat, Peasant Top & American Apparel Skirt

This stylish student is 21-year-old Haruka. She’s wearing a black cotton peasant-style top from abc une face and a maroon pleated skirt from American Apparel. Her tan clogs are from Bonita. In addition to her wide-brimmed hat, Haruka’s accessories include a turquoise belt, bolo tie and gold Vivienne Westwood watch. Her purse is from Louis Vuitton

We asked Haruka about her favorite place to buy fashion and the answer was Free’s Shop. She also told us that her favorite music is by Radiwimps. You can see more photos on Haruka’s official blog.
Wide-Brimmed Hat, Peasant Top & American Apparel Skirt

Peasant blouse & bolo tie

Louis Vuitton purse

Vivienne Westwood gold watch

Tan clogs from Bonita

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  1. I do love her watch! And the LV bag looks just right!

  2. She’s gorgeous and perfect! I fell in love (again)

  3. very elegant! love the hat.
    not much of a fan of te shoes though…

  4. so elegant and stylish ^^
    but I don’t know about the shoes…

  5. oh i like this look, love the skirt. however im not a fan of the shoes.