Stylish Guy in Comme des Garcon & Chrome Hearts

This stylish guy was photographed on Omotesando Dori in Tokyo. He was nice enough to stop and pose for our photos even though he was in the middle of a conversation on his mobile phone when we approached him (thanks!). His outfit consists of a black Comme des Garcons blazer over a white shirt with cool multi-colored buttons, cropped pants with zippers at the bottom, Chrome Hearts leggings or socks, and shiny leather Comme des Garcons military style boots with buckles. As far as classy (not flashy) menswear, this guy’s look stood out of the crowd in Omotesando.

Guy in Comme Des Garcons Jacket in Tokyo

Chrome Hearts Leggings in Tokyo

Click either photo to enlarge it.

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  1. Mmm, lots of nice little details which at first aren’t totally obvious, but which start to ask for visual attention – like the buttons, the two heart buttons/badges (black/red w/eyes) and even the rings on his fingers. Very nice, I like this. – Outre Singapore

  2. That was one of the hottest guys I have ever seen in my life. By FAR.