Stylish Harajuku Quintet in Moschino, UNIF, Fendi, Dario, W.I.A., Damage, King Family, Kappa & Kinji

We stumbled upon this stylish group while out and about in Harajuku. From left to right we have: Aki, Mawoni, Keito, Towy, and Kenta. Four of them are students, while the other one works in the apparel industry.

On the far right is 24-year-old Kenta with round glasses and a red beret adorned with pins. He’s wearing a black-and-white printed jacket from Forever 21 over a graphic tee from Moschino. He styled them with Doctor Who printed pants, white Nike Air Force One sneakers and a black tote bag from UNIF. His favorite fashion brand is Versace, and he is active on Instagram.

In the middle is 18-year-old Keito with an edgy black ensemble. He’s wearing a black robe from Fendi with an orange belt hooked on the waist tie. Keito styled it with a printed button-down shirt, chunky silver rings, black socks, scuffed leather boots, and a leather bag from Hermes. His favorite fashion brand is Kinji, and he counts The Beatles as his favorite band.

First one on the left is Aki with a pastel-hued bomber jacket from Dario over a graphic tee from W.I.A. They styled it with a Damage skirt, black tights tucked into colorful socks, and Dr. Martens black-and-white lace-up shoes. A Haribo backpack, round glasses, and a black leather choker capped off their look. Aki counts Damage, 6%DOKIDOKI, Galaxxxy, ACDC Rag, and W.I.A. as fashion favorites. They also love listening to music from V6 and One OK Rock. Follow Aki on Instagram.

Meanwhile, yellow-haired Towy showcased his resale fashion in various shades of blue. He wore a snakeskin jacket and a floral skirt with black socks and black leather platform wedge sneakers. The 18-year-old finished off his look with a single chain earring and a blue Tommy Hilfiger bag strapped across his chest. His favorite fashion brands are San To Nibun No Ichi and Dog Harajuku. He also loves listening to music from Yurufuwa Gang. Follow Towy on Instagram.

Finally, 15-year-old Mawoni donned a yellow Kappa top with a mock neckline, a front zip closure, ribbed cuffs, and long sleeves peeking out from her black King Family jacket. She styled them with a matching yellow skirt from Kinji, a wide hot pink belt, white socks, and Adidas sneakers. Strapped across her chest is a hot pink bag with a thin chain strap from King Family. Mawoni also accessorized with items from Nosuke-kun’s flea market. Blue-framed glasses, pigtails, and pink lips capped off her look. Mawoni’s favorite fashion brand is Kinji, while her favorite musical artist is Izumi Makura. Follow her on Instagram.

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