Stylish & Smiling Tokyo Girl w/ H&M Dress, Cowl Scarf & Nasty Gal Watch

This stylish and smiley 21-year-old girl who we met in Shinjuku is named Hisaka. Her all black outfit strikes a strong contrast against the colorful outfits that we often photograph.

Hisaka is wearing a long slim dress from H&M with a cowl scarf and platform booties. Accessories include a felt hat, a Chanel brooch, a vintage watch from Nasty Gal, and a pinky ring. She told us that her nice leather zip clutch is bespoke. If you’d like to know more about Hisaka, check out her official blog.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. She looks really pretty and the outfit is perfect for her (^_^)

  2. Her style is lovely! It’s refreshing to see someone so young and chic at the same time. :)

  3. I really like her outfit and love her nailpolish!!
    I would just change her shoes, but her style is very different
    from what I usually see on Tokyo fasion it keeps it interesting (^.^)

  4. oh wow! She’s very chic… and to top that off… she’s GORGEOUS!

  5. Super chic. I think the best of the website. But still playing it safe, there isn’t anything like different from her. Still… gorgeous!

  6. Dreaded Queen

    Wow she looks so tall! Love the textures and pin

  7. i love how despite her all-black ensemble, her outfit isn’t boring and has lots of textures and depth!

  8. So pretty…she could definitely be a model & her outfit is really nice.

  9. ホルモヌ

    Pretty girl!

    I would change the boots (these are simply to heavy) and shorten skirt.

    Amazing, beautiful young lady.

  10. She is wearing the best make-up a beautiful SMILE! paired with Chic style.

  11. littlekimmeows

    This is ridiculously gorgeous! I’m in love!