Stylist’s Vintage Print Top, Cotton Maxi Skirt & Panama Sneakers

This blonde-haired girl with a cute braided hairstyle is an 18-year-old stylist assistant and college student named Pekeko. She’s wearing a vintage print top and blue cotton maxi skirt. Her tan sneakers are from Panama.

Accessories include a red vinyl purse, an oversized watch and a unique ring made from pieces of zippers (appears to be a trademark piece by indie Japanese brand F.E.A.R.). Pink and green fingernail polish is the final touch in her outfit. When we asked, Pekeko told us her favorite fashion brand is Somarta.

Vintage Print Top, Cotton Maxi Skirt & Panama Sneakers

Print blouse with bow at collar

Girl's short hair with braid

Zipper ring & oversize watch

Retro red vinyl purse

Tan Panama sneakers & blue maxi skirt

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  1. lol i used to have a skirt just like this when i was a teenager, i wore all blue with bright red tight, i love contrast!

  2. Love the colors!!!. She is so cute and her hair color really suits everything she is wearing ^^

  3. I love everything(her name also ^^) She’s got great style, also that’s an awesome hairstyle.