Super-Cute & Colorful Harajuku Street Fashion

We were surprised and delighted to find this group of Japanese friends walking around Harajuku last weekend. Their bright fashion with lots of layers and cute accessories screams “Harajuku”. Their overall look is reminiscent of what used to often be called “Fruits” style, or a slightly less accessorized Decora (one of the “classic” Harajuku styles). Back in the day (late 1990s, early 2000s), you could find lots of brightly dressed girls (and some guys too) all over Harajuku. In recent years, however, the full-on Decora style isn’t seen very often. That trend has been replaced by more “toned down” looks like Fairy-kei and Dolly-kei. That’s one reason we were happy to run into this friendly and fun group as they turned heads and set off flashbulbs everywhere they went, all the while helping to keep the anything-goes spirit of Harajuku alive and well!

We didn’t get brand info from this group because they were on the move, but some of what they’re wearing looks resale and it’s likely that much of it was hand put together by each of them. There could also definitely be some Spank and/or 6%DokiDoki in their accessories.

Harajuku Street Fashion

Colorful Harajuku Girl

Harajuku Decora Fashion

Harajuku Guy Style

Harajuku Girls With A Gun

Harajuku Girl vs. Rolling Stones

Colorful Harajuku Fashion

Harajuku Girl on a Scooter

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  1. This is amazing. Definetly love this <3 especially sine decora is one ofm y favorite fashions!

  2. Love them all but especially the devilish Girl and the one with the Monster-hoodie!!:)

  3. I saw the girl on the left more than one year ago somewhere in the metro, and she was wearing the same outfit and wig! Quite funny eheh

  4. They’re so lucky!! I wish I had that many friends that liked to dress up wild and funky with me!

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  6. These guys are amazing! Sometimes I wish the same level of creativity and craziness could develop in China.

    Great fun :)

  7. these people are super awsome I wish my parents would let me wear that kind of stuff,lol

  8. Monica Quentine

    cool!! decora , i love decora style! xDDD
    they r soo cooool!! amazing outfits!!

  9. your t-shirt say Mexico!!!! jajajajjaja its cool XD

  10. I wonder how long it takes these people to get ready on a daily basis. Like “I just fancy popping to the shop for some milk…” 3 hours later! Ready lols!

  11. very impressive….colourful..make a cheer day..i lv 2 dress up like dat sometimes. but i more harajuku look

  12. i love all of their outfits, except the hair reminds me of clowns and im terrified of them!! :S