Super Fun Japanese Mario Bros. Girls in Harajuku

Here are two extra-cute girls we spotted walking down the street together in Harajuku. When not dressed as Mario Bros., these fun girls are actually 16-year-old Japanese high school students. One of the cool things about their outfits is that they’re put together from items found at several different popular Harajuku resale clothing shops.

On the left, with a double bun hairstyle, is Yuna (aka Mario). She’s wearing a Mario Bros-inspired outfit that features a Mario hat, cutoff denim overalls from Sevens (a Harajuku store famous for selling items, mostly resale clothing, for 700 yen), a red shirt from Thank You Mart, and red Vans sneakers. Her accessories include a bow tie, a large eyeball pin, tube socks, and a GreenAirline backpack. Yuna’s favorite fashion shops include Nadia Harajuku and Panama Boy. Her favorite band is flumpool. If you’d like to know more about Yuna (and see more cute pictures), check out her official blog!

On the right, with pigtails, is Fumika (aka Luigi). She’s wearing a Mario Bros-inspired outfit featuring a Luigi hat, a denim jumper dress from Sevens, a green shirt from Thank You Mart, and green Vans sneakers. Her accessories – some of which are handmade – include a bow tie, glasses, a watch, several rings, a Spinns Harajuku pin (you might recognize the pattern from Kyary’s Pon Pon Pon video), a felt mushroom, polka dot socks, and a black backpack. Fumika’s favorite shops include Spinns, Panama Boy, and Galaxxxy. Her favorite band is the visual kei group SuG. If you’d like to know more about Fumika, check out her blog!

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. OMG. If I were a cute girl I would so force a friend into doing this with me… seriously, that’s the cutest thing ever. Also +points to Fumiko for listening to SuG!

  2. I’ve seen many people wearing accessories featuring the eyeball design on here. I’m pretty sure they’re by “Mishka NYC”. Or at the very least, they’re some good rip-offs of that brand. Haha