Supreme Loves Elmo T-Shirt in Shibuya

A Japanese guy and girl on the street in Shibuya. The guy’s outfit is a pretty good example of a lot of the streetwear that you’ll see on young Japanese men in Shibuya and Harajuku. He’s wearing Nike Air Jordan sneakers, baggy jeans, a Supreme brand t-shirt with Raekwon, Ghostface, and Elmo on it, a backpack, and a “Justice Freedom” cap by Supreme x New Era. The cute girl with him is wearing a striped dress, hoop earrings, and wedges. She is also carrying a perforated bag.

Supreme T-Shirt in Japan

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  1. EVERLaser

    You apparently don’t know who the hell is in Wu-tang and who isn’t. That is NOT Cappadonna. As a matter of fact, dude with the tech nine and the middle finger isn’t even in Wu-tang. He’s probably one of Rae’s people from Brownsville, Brooklyn, u meatballs.