Swankiss Producer’s Pink Twin Tails, Furry Jacket, Vinyl Skirt & Poodle Purse

Saaya Hayashida is the producer of the popular Japanese fashion brand Swankiss. We see her around the streets of Harajuku quite often these days, and she was once again nice enough to stop for a few quick snaps.

Saaya is wearing a furry lace-trimmed Swankiss jacket over a Swankiss top, a Barbie-pink American Apparel vinyl miniskirt, white tights, and furry white Swankiss platform shoes. Accessories include a furry rabbit ears headband highlighting her pretty pink twin tails hairstyle, a pink bow choker, and a poodle handbag by her own brand Swankiss.

Saaya told us that her favorite fashion brands are Swankiss and Girly Rose and that she enjoys the music of Chara. For more info and pictures, find Saaya on Twitter or Instagram.

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  1. I clicked on this because I thought the bag was gorgeous, but the jacket, colour of the skirt and shoes are fabulous too and I just love that shade of grey at the top of her hair (been after a similar colour for years).