Sweet Lolita in Angelic Pretty at Harajuku Station

Here’s a super cute and friendly Japanese sweet lolita who we met right outside of the Takeshita Dori exit of Harajuku Station.

Her outfit features a blue Angelic Pretty lolita dress/JSK (the pattern looks like “Decoration Dream”) with a pink frilly long-sleeve shirt and large pink bow, Angelic Pretty striped leggings, pink Angelic Pretty lolita shoes with hearts, and an exceptionally cute tiny polka dot lolita hat covered in bows and ponies. Her large pink bow handbag is also from Angelic Pretty.

When we asked her where she bought the items for this outfit, she told us that she does much of her lolita fashion shopping at LaForet Harajuku.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. Kawaii! She looks so cute! I love it all…especially those shoes!

  2. Ok I know u going to hate me now but she creeps me out…I’m scared of clowns and she reminds me a clown dressed as a baby…parts of the outfit r cute but the total really creeps me out

  3. This is absolutely kawaii! Angelic Pretty has always been one of my favorite brands. Is she wearing circle lenses? The colors go together perfectly. This outfit is an absolute favorite of mine.

  4. I was never a fan of lolita and never will be, but those colors are so adorable!