Swimmer Sailor Dress & Red Rocking Horse Shoes

This Japanese girl in a short sailor dress from Swimmer is Paki, an 18-year-old high school student. She’s also wearing a blue plaid sweater, a red leather belt and black tights.

She bought her red rocking horse shoes in Harajuku. Her vintage red handbag was a gift from her grandmother. Her accessories include a vintage pocket watch on a chain around her neck and a red chiffon scarf tied around her head in a bow.
Swimmer short sailor dress

Long braids & vintage watch on chain

Red bow & braids

Red leather belt & vintage watch

Vintage red leather handbag

Red rocking horse shoes with ankle straps

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  1. Not liking it. Not matching too well. The sparkle top doesnt go with anything.

  2. anyone know how tall these shoes are? …I could use some height xD