Symbolic Tokyo Fashion Designer in Casual Streetwear Style w/ Alexander Wang, Dickies Tailored Shorts, Converse, BlackMeans & Chrome Hearts

While out on the streets of Harajuku one afternoon, we came across S,you – the fashion designer for Symbolic Tokyo.

Sporting a casual monochrome street style, S,you is clad in a white sweatshirt from Alexander Wang, which he paired with black cuffed tailored shorts from Dickies, cinched with a black leather grommet belt. He finished off his look with white ribbed socks with blue and red word prints, and a pair of blue Converse sneakers. Rounding out his style are accessories from Blackmeans and Chrome Hearts such as oversized round sunglasses, gold hoop earrings, a gold chain necklace, silver chains, and a round coin purse with blue and red embroidered prints.

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