Tabinary, ZAORICK & Cassette Playa vs. borutanext5 & HIRO in Harajuku

These two guys are SP and Yosh8. SP has been an icon around the streets of Harajuku for the last few years, and you might recognize him from his appearances in street fashion publications., Both he and Yosh8 were wearing caps, knee length shorts and sneakers when we spotted them.

SP, on the right, is wearing a Powerpuff Girls-inspired sweatshirt from Tabinary with eyeball print shorts from Cassette Playa. His colorful backpack is by ZAORICK mochasse! and the Keith Haring sneakers are Reebok. SP accessorized with pins and rings from ZAORICK and My Pet Monster, and a personalized spike cap. He told us that he likes Tabinary, Cassette Playa and Jeremy Scott, and that he listens to idol music. Find him on Twitter or Instagram for more info.

Yosh8 is pictured to the left, wearing a pink hoodie from P.A.M. over a black and white borutanext5 t-shirt and Bless shorts. His pouch was purchased from HIRO x Acycle, and his shoes are Reebok Kamikaze 2. We also noticed his white cap. He told us he likes to shop at borutanext5 and Tabinary. Follow his Twitter for more updates.

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  1. ahhhh,,, that bag….so awesome.. Zaorick ♥
    love their styles… and i so want to steal everything SP is wearing//

  2. I think you mean Powerpuff Girls inspired, not Pokemon inspired xD