Tarock Top & Clogs vs. Conocoto Shirt & Kitty Vest

Here are two stylish18-year-old girls that we photographed in Harajuku. The girl on the left Okamoto, a Bunka Fashion College student. Her cotton lace-trimmed top and suede clogs are from Tarock. She’s also wearing lace-trimmed ankle socks and a long lace-trimmed skirt from Maniaque.

Okamoto is carrying a Theater Products bag decorated with a fur tail. Her favorite shop is Tarock with Ricco.

The girl on the right is a beautician named Inoue. She’s wearing a white shirt and tapestry vest with a kitten print from Conocoto. Her two large tassels are from Tarock and her white shorts are from Otoe. She bought her suede lace up shoes at a flea market. Her bag, which is decorated with a fuchsia chiffon scarf, is from Beyond the Keshiki.
Tarock Top & Clogs vs. Conocoto Shirt & Kitty Vest

Lace-trimmed top from Tarock

Theater Products bag with fur tail

Tarock suede clogs & lace-trimmed socks

Tarock tassels & Conocoto kitty tapestry vest

Beyond the Keshiki bag with chiffon scarf

Suede shoes from flea market

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  1. I’d like to see some UN-friendly fashionable Japanese students on this blog.

  2. Dominique

    absoulutely love it. what interesting pieces like the mecklace and the fir piece on the bag. when I look at her I keep thinking of the song mary has a little lamb.

  3. the girl on the left reminds me of little bo-peep^^ i love her top, and the girl on the right has a veeeeeery cool hat+hair-do!!

  4. haha – Bridget, you can’t see the unfriendly ones because those are the ones that say “NO!” when we ask if we can take their photo. :-)

  5. They are SO cute and great in so many ways! I think my favorite part is the cat vest, haha…But they definitely match each other, and would even stand out somewhat in Tokyo as a great couple of friends walking around! I also love the lacey socks..Pretty big trend in Tokyo now that I could see taking off elsewhere a lot later. SO cool.

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