Tattoo Artist’s Face, Neck & Hand Tattoos in Harajuku

Here’s a tattoo artist we met in Harajuku who told us that his name is Bang Kwanji. Needless to say, his personal body art is what brought our attention to his look.

Bang is wearing a hoodie with tragic news headlines graphics printed on it, blue jeans, and New Balance x Secret Base Golden Tiger M996 sneakers. The most impressive thing about his look is not the fashion, but the ink. You can see tattoos on his face and hands, and some beautiful color work on his neck. If it hadn’t been winter, we would have asked him to take off his hoodie and show us more of his body art. Hopefully, we’ll run into Bang again in the spring or summer.

Update: Several users told us that this is actually a famous Japanese tattoo artist named “Ganji” from Three Tides Tattoo.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. I salute to people who could have a lot of tattoos on their body. I think it took a tremendous courage before taking those actions. I admire them.

  2. Love this look, very bold tattoos on the face and neck love the art