Tattoo, Sunglasses & Torn Denim in Shibuya

This friendly Japanese girl and guy posed for our photo near Center Street in Shibuya. The girl has hair with silver highlights and is wearing sunglasses on the top of her head, a striped button up shirt over a black lace top, torn belted jeans, a wallet chain, and platform heels. The guy is wearing a white hat, sunglasses, a purple jacket over a t-shirt, long cutoff shorts, and white sneakers. The guy is also carrying an Adidas handbag and the girl has a fairly large tattoo on her chest. Her eye makeup is also interesting.

Shibuya Girl and Guy

Fun Shibuya Girl

Shibuya Guy in Purple

Adidas Handbag in Shibuya

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  1. Cute couple! Does anyone know how to do eye makeup like that?

  2. I am looooving her make up it reminds me of the ever innovative and beautiful Christina Aguilera in her Stripped album.

  3. In reply to amiroll, that makeup is fairly simple to do; it really is mostly a slick of eyeliner and then the use of probably 2 different sets of false lashes.

    As for that girl, how on earth does she do anything with her nails like that 0.o