Theatre Products & 6%DokiDoki

This cute Japanese girl in satin and lace is Mayuka. On top she’s wearing layered white lace from Theatre Products. Her short skirt is black satin. She’s also wearing white patterned stockings and white Togo hightop shoes and carrying a white bag with a large carnation graphic.

Her accessories from Theatre Products and 6%DokiDoki include yellow and white ruffled writstbands, beaded necklaces and a Kawaii pendant (so true!).

Mayuka, who works in a beauty salon and is 24, says her favorite fashion brand is 6%DokiDoki.
Theatre Products & 6%DokiDoki

Lace top from Theatre Products

Flower print bag

Ruffled wristbands

White tights & Togo shoes

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  1. Most of the people in the photos do not look happy.
    Is that part of the “Harajuku/Shibuya” look?

  2. OMG I love everything about this!! Looks simple yet so cute!
    if only I had those legs.. *sigh* :/

  3. it kinda looks like she wears the white lace top the wrong way round…

  4. I think, in Asian culture, it is actually normal not to smile. My mother tells me not to smile all the time…but I do it anyway…just to annoy her. ^_^

  5. I agree, she doesn’t look too happy; looks good.

  6. She looks really good! I don’t think its totally just an “asian culture not smiling” thing..I have lots of Japanese and Korean friends that smile every time they take a picture…I think its just more of the kids on the street, its part of their look sometimes in my opinion. -Street Fashion Illustrations

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  8. Ooh she’s very cute & skinny *jealous* I love her nose & hair! Thanks a lot for the pictures! :) But next time, would you mind asking them if they wear wigs? Lots of Japanese people seem to do it, it would be nice to know where they got the wigs from.